The faculty of Management Studies of the University of Professional Studies held the second edition of its Management and Professional Day on Friday 11th March 2016 at the school’s auditorium. The program was tagged “Preparing for the job market”. It was organized to educate students on very important issues with regards to the job market with the level 400 students in mind as they inch towards the end of their study in May 2016. Prominent officials that graced the Management & Professional Day held at UPSA were Prof. Mrs. Goski Alabi, Dean of Graduate School of the University of Professional Studies, Dr. Gideon Ameneymor and other astute lecturers and faculty members of management. Prof. Mrs. Goski Alabi, the first speaker at the function spoke on the sub-theme “Think Differently, Live differently, live for success. She enlightened the students; with thought-provoking facts that very often people are not hired for varied reasons some of which are as a result of improper dressing and one’s attitude. In the field of work, it takes one’s attitude and self-confidence which come with being aware of yourself to be successful. Individuals are so unique and wonderfully made just as the opportunities that come their way. It came to light that, one becomes lucky only when opportunities meet his or her preparedness. Opportunities come when one knows what value exists in a particular situation. Thus if you are not prepared, you would not be able to see opportunities if they come your way. Participants were advised to see unique chances that come their way in life instead of seeing only challenges in every situation. It came to light at the event that, graduates after completing school would be faced with the need to get a job. The job seeker must have certain vital skills. These skills include personal skills also known as Personal capital which refers to things you are good at such your; strengths, abilities, values, and attributes. The above skill needs to be complemented by your social skills or capital which is the communication and socialization skills you have acquired through teamwork and group works during your schooling period. It also encompasses your social network and relationships developed while in school. There are doors that your qualification will not open for but your  Social capital will open hence there is the need to network while in school, developed yourself, meet new people and acquire new knowledge Participants were advised to tap into the benefits of the internet which is a world of information because the world is shifting from knowledge to information and only those who have the requisite information will survive because information is now powerful than knowledge. To support the above skills, graduates also need their technical skills or capital which includes the technical know-how acquired in one’s field of studies such as BSc Banking, BA Administration and Bsc Banking and finance just a few to mention. This technical skill opens the doors of opportunity but how long one can stay in there is based on attitudes and values. All these skills are important just as one’s spiritual capital because there are times in life when we need power beyond our own strength to keep us going Management & Professional Day held at UPSARespect for authority, hard work and discipline would keep you in your job. Know that the environment you find yourself and the people you surround yourself with determines who you are and can become. Participants were cautioned to use the social media with caution and note the footprints they leave on the internet because employers google about applicants before inviting them for interviews. You are encouraged to download Thinking for a Change by John C. Maxwell which was recommended by Prof. Mrs. Goski Alabi to be read by all participants.  It comes to a time when your self-confidence fails you, those around you fail you and that is the time you realize you need something greater than yourself to lean on, put your hope and aspiration. The Supreme Being we need is God or Allah or Jesus. Finally, Prof. Mrs. Goski Alabi took participants through proper dressing and dinner manners since in the world of work, how you dress can make we unmake you at a job interview or a business meeting just as your ability to use cutlery set. Watch this important proper


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