Ghana’s day of International Shame:4 British Girls, 1 Teacher sexually assaulted in Ghana at gunpoint


Ghana’s day of international shame came when four British girls aged between 16 and 17 and their teacher were attacked and sexually assaulted. 

 They were on an educational exchange program when they were attacked by an unknown gunman. He abused the visitors after he had gunned down the security man at the facility where the British were lodging.

The four teenage girls from Britain and their teacher were assaulted sexually on Sunday the 8th of December 2018.

According to the the attack took place on Saturday during a charity mission by the teacher and students in the capital city of  Ghana, Accra. We at comdemn this act and call on the Ghana Police Service to do a 101% investogation and bring the culprit to book. 

The security officer at the post was wounded from gunshots when he tried to stop the gunman from committing the crime. This is really a shameful act. It puts Ghana on the spot in international matters, security, and the protection of foreigners in her territory. 

It further goes to prove that, after all, not all Ghanaians are friendly people as we claim to be.

The safety of foreigners in Ghana

Our security installations at hotels, lodges, motels and beach resorts just a few to mention can be breached easily. Hence there is the need to beef up security especially as we enter the festive season in a few weeks. 

Our security personnel stationed at such places are not resourced enough to ward off such attacks.

Many persons who have commented on the incident have questioned the need for the trip.  Others have asked: what is the qualification of the security personnel to handle such attacks.

Ghana's day of International Shame:4 British Girls, 1 Teacher sexually assaulted in Ghana at gunpoint

We gathered that the girls and their teacher had flown back home.

They are receiving medical attention after the disgusting and barbaric event.

“The accommodation was close to the beach. The teens were staying in rooms of up to six at the site, where there was also a caretaker and security team.” Daily mail

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