UG student Attack: Our campuses are not safe havens

UG student Attack: Our campuses are not safe havens
UG student Attack: Our campuses are not safe havens

The UG student Attack that left the victim Daniel Osie butchered is worrying and sad, to say the least.

Daniel Osei’s case is pathetic and to have suffered such an inhuman attack within the campus area of the University of Ghana is an indication that, our university campuses are not safe after all.

Daniel happens to be a level 400 Psychology student at the University of Ghana, Legon. The attackers who were armed according to sources attacked him at the road from the Pentagon hostel which leads to the Evandy hostel on campus. He is currently receiving treatment at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra. It is believed that the assailants were armed robbers.

Similar attacks have been suffered by UPSA students. Miscreants with evil motives have on several occasions attacked UPSA students on their way to their hostel along the PRESSEC Legon road which is not far from where the sad incident of Daniel happened.

Those who inflicted the wounds on him have escaped.

How can our universities and Secondary schools be made safe? So many persons who have nothing doing on our campuses are found loitering there. Some even end up in our lecture halls and use the main entrances of the Universities yet, security personnel are unable to tell.

The difficulty is that one cannot tell who is and who isn’t a student on campus.


A few months ago, security officers at the University of Ghana were stationed around the ECG stretch of the road at night to ward off such bad nuts who attacked students.


There is a need for more drastic measures to be put in place. The university must put in place security measures that will ensure the safety of our students on campus is guaranteed.  

Students should also avoid short cuts and footbaths that meander through the bushes and dark places on campus at night and take the long routes that are illuminated with street lights and are safe.  

We wish Daniel Osei a speedily recovery.


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