HOT VIDEO: 44 yrs old Teacher trapped and beaten over an attempt to s£x 16-year-old girl student in her house


A secondary school teacher was persistently trying to have sex with a sixteen year old girl who is his student. He also kept on threatening her not to tell her parents or anyone else or he will kill her!

The girl decided not to go to school on the day the teacher had told her to meet him.  When her parents insisted on knowing why she didn’t want to go to school on that day, she narrated what has been happening between her and the teacher.

So the parents told her to invite him to the house and tell him that she has agreed to his request and there was nobody at home.

See what happened to the teacher in the video below

Meanwhile, the parents stayed at home and set a trap for the teacher. When the teacher arrived very quickly to the house, the parents and invited male relatives locked the entire compound and gave the teacher the beating of his life before handing him over to the police.

Parents are therefore advised to encourage their children to confide in them on sexual issues in order to effectively protect the children from abuse by pedophiles who wear masks of uncles, cousins, teachers, preachers etc.


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