Check BECE 2019 Results the cheapest and stress-free way ever


Over the years, it has become increasingly expensive to check your BECE results. However today we present to you how to check BECE 2019 Results the cheapest and stress-free way.

How to Check BECE 2019 Results the cheapest way

What it means to check your BECE 2019 results the cheapest way is to buy your result checker on your phone. This means there is no need to go to the post office and be in long queues only to be told the card is finish or the card is GHS15 or even more. 

It will cost you just GHS12.00 to but the card on your phone with Momo. This means you will reduce the stress that comes with checking your BECE results by close to 70%.

Now, how do you check your result? The result can also be checked on your phone. The best time to check the result is between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am each day. At this time, there is less pressure on the site.

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Since you can use the Result checker code three times, why not check at home between the hours given above and know your results. When the pressure at the internet cafe is down, and the is less traffic in the to the site, you can go and print out the results.

This way, you take off the unnecessary stress that comes with checking your BECE results and save time and money for other important things.

How to buy BECE/WASSCE result checker with MTN Momo

Buying the BECE/WASSCE result checker on line is fast and instant. It takes just up to 10 seconds to get the checker sent to your phone. 

We have written and clear and easy to follow instructions/procedures for this. Kindly do your self a favour and read the full process on how to buy BECE/WASSCE result MTN Momo. 


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