Step by Step BECE 2019 SHS School self-placement procedure


The Fastest and easiest way to do self-placement if you miss BECE 2019 automatic placement is to know the procedure ahead of the release of the school placement.

The truth is that, when the West African Examination Council (WAEC) releases the results of the 2019 BECE followed by the release of schools into which candidates have been placed automatically from the five schools they chose during the registration process, not all candidates who qualified for placement will be placed.

Each year, the GES is unable to place all candidates. In 2018, more than 67,000 could not be matched with any of their five schools of choice. The GES through the Ministry of education and the Free SHS Secretariat gave such candidates a second chance to do a self-placement.

What is BECE SHS self-placement?

Self-placement is an opportunity given candidates to choose or select online one school out of a pool of schools. When the choice is made and a vacancy exists, the candidate is placed instantly and he or she can then print the placement report for Free SHS.

Such candidates obtained the pass mark (raw scores) but could not be matched to any of the five schools he or she selected.

We are convinced that there will be self-placement unless the GES comes out with a new modality for placing all candidate’s automatically. 

How to do the  BECE SHS Placement in 2019

If you are not placed in any of the five schools you chose, but you qualify for SHS, you can do the delf placement using the GES self placement tool.

Below are the simple steps to follow if you have to do self placement after BECE SHS Placement in 2019 is out and are not placed but qualified 

1. Go to the web site

2. Login to  using your index number as username and the pin code.)

3. Check your placement status by clicking on the ‘Check Placement Status’ button.

4. If you are not placed , look for the self-placement link /button and click on it.

5. Select the region you prefer

6. Choose your school preference

7. Choose your program of preference

8 Click the submit button 

9. Print the placement notification


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